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Girlfriends Mom

This happened a few years ago. I was at my girlfriends house after baseball practice. We were just laying in bed and I was quite tired. So I took off my pants and cuddled up next to my girlfriend in her bed.

She had on some short running shorts with no underwear, a shirt and no bra. I had on a tshirt and white FTL briefs. I know not the most popular underwear choice but it’s what I was bought and my girlfriend didn’t mind briefs.

We must had fell asleep right away because I woke up 4 hours later. It was 8pm when I looked at the clock when I woke up. Or only that but I noticed my girlfriend had taken her shorts off and her bare butt was up against my now hard dick in my underwear. We both were still virgins. But we had seen each other naked plenty of times or see each other in underwear.

I had go pee bad so I walked down the hall real quick to go pee. Wearing just my shirt and underwear. When I opened the bathroom door her mom was standing there! She reached out and pinched the head of my dick through my briefs and told me to follow her! She held onto my dick as she dragged me to a room down the hall! There she had me sit down and asked if we had sex and what were we’re doing? I told her we just fell asleep and I took my pants off because I sleep in my underwear. Telling her this all while I’m sitting there with my tighty whities tenting. She hands me over a towel to cover myself up with.

She explained to me that she was worried we were having unprotected sex. She saw her daughter was naked from the waist down and I told her I was asleep when she took her shorts off but I had known she only wore a shirt to bed with no panties or shorts. I told her we both are still virgins, her mom was surprised. I told her we had been waiting to have sex for a few years now with each other. I told her anyways I have a box of condoms in my bag that I carry and her daughter has some in her closet too. Didn’t tell her that we were planning on having sex the next day when we were going camping.

She said alright good. Then she got up and said I better get back in her room before she wakes up. Her mom looked down and told me to adjust myself before walking back to her room because my briefs were gaping open and things were visible. I looked down and my balls were visible! I was so hard that I was tenting my briefs that far open! I reached in and adjust real quick. Pulled my dick up into my waistband. Her mom also mentioned that her daughter had scheduled her first waxing appointment for tomorrow morning. I was surprised to here that and I told her mom to talk her out of it. I liked her bush that she had! Her mom agreed and said she doesn’t wax, just shapes it up with a little trimming and shaving.


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