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I was only 16, only seen pictures of pussies and tits. The couple down the street whom I'd known for about a year hired me to do work for them when I was 15. After a few months and a day or two after my birthday, they were talking about giving me a present. She left the room and he told me that I could fuck her, if we could all play together. I was VERY unsure about that explaining I didn't like guys. Taking me to their bedroom door, she was naked, lying there with her very nice body spread eagle, her brown pussy hair being pulled apart while I could look at her pussy inside. Her tits were D cups with light brown nipples. Her brown hair on her head moved from her face, she told me to come and get a feel. I moved to her, and she told me to take off my clothes. I was naked in a flash, and her husband was naked too. I laid on the bed with her sucking her nipples as she fed each one to me, he was rubbing my butt and playing with my nipples. She moved me up and started sucking on my nipples,which I found suprisingly I really liked. I was squeezing her tits, and reaching to her pussy which was very wet.

"Take care of Bob first" she said. I looked at his hard cock and she moved my head to it. I didn't care anymore as her hand found my cock my mouth went to his. She moved around to suck me and I imitated her motions. She pulled off and said she wanted my first cumload in her hot pussy. I sensed that Bob was about to cum and he pulled out of my mouth and moved around to my butt. She was under me, I was again sucking her tits and feeling her pussy while he lubed me up and fucked me. He came, and she pulled me on top of her between her legs and quickly had me inside her. I fucked for a few minutes and shot off inside my first pussy. Though I did it with a load of her husbands sperm deep inside my ass. We all stayed on the bed, playing with each other the second time he fucked her cummy pussy and added a load to mine, he rolled her over and told me to fuck her in her ass. It was heaven. It was so tight and so different from her fertile, wet pussy.

After, she got up and went to the bathroom, I thought that was a good idea as I had to go to after the action and being buttfucked. But when she came back she was wearing a strap on dildo. Bob explained that Carol always took a mans ass if he took hers. So there I was getting sucked by Bob, on my hands and knees with Carol pounding me doggie.

That was my first time, I've been bi ever since. I still play with them both even though they are now divorced,she still loves to finger me after I have a load of sperm inside me.



by Anonymous on Sep 7, 2020 at 12:40 PM

You should thank your lucky stars mate. What a fab first. Forget about labels or what anyone says, we're all sexual creatures and if it feels good, go for it.

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by Anonymous on Sep 7, 2020 at 9:20 PM

My first three way I was 18 they were in there 40's. Your story brought back memories. It happen in 1975. She was a plump red head with big tits and he had blonde hair with a thick 6 in uncut cock. We did every thing you did. She loved watching us suck and fuck each other even cheering us on. We did it for about 5 years.

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