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First Time Threesome

,After six months shut in my wife and I decided to take a short holiday to the beach. We splurged and stayed in a nice hotel, occupied mostly by wealthier middle age and up patrons. We did our thing in the morning and in the afternoon we decided to go to the pool.

The weather was nice, everyone distanced as required. When I went into the water to cool off I got 'bumped' by a woman who apologized. After a moment we exchanged pleasantries and learned she was there with some friends, but unattached. I pointed out my wife so that she didn't get any ideas, not that I had ideas, but just in case my wife got pissed. We continued to talk, she was divorced, looked in good shape for a fiftysomething, nice smile and nice boobs under her top. She caught me looking, how could I not and she asked if I was a 'tity man or a bush whacker'. Either way she liked them both.

My wife joined us after a while, and we continued our talk and my wife had to join in or be left out. My wife was obviously annoyed with her tits in my face, she kept rearranging her top and pushing her tits up. When wife wasn't looking she grabbed my cock under water and whispered that she was all wet, and not from being in the pool either. She let go when my wife turned around but not before I had the beginning of an erection. She casually asked my wife if she liked to share, if my wife was up to it maybe we could all go upstairs and get it on together.

My wife is as conservative as it comes, but to my surprise she said she didn't think I could handle it, once and it was dead to the world, she was sure I couldn't go the distance. Suffice it to say that my wife said let it on and we got out of the pool, went up to our rooms, the pool lady changed into a nice outfit and came to our room. She brought a bag with her, and in it she had various oils for massage and lubes for going where man wasn't supposed to go unless he felt he was man enough.

She was in far better shape than I had expected, her boobs obviously store bought, but her ass and thighs and her full bush were extraordinary for a lady her age. She helped my wife get undressed, told me to watch and she set about to massage my wife, paying careful attention to her pussy, when she was highly aroused she told me to get on show her the kind of man I was. Half way through she took me off and asked me to lube up her ass, reminding me to mount her like a mountain goat, ram her regardless of what she said.

Her ass was tight, she asked for more and I went until I ran out, My wife was right, I wasn't good enough for round two. But we had something we had never had before, sharing with another woman is an experience worth talking about, but not to those you know.


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