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Getting Back Into Sex

Had sexual for the first time since all this COVID stuff. Haven’t took duck since March! My moms neighbor is a sexy older guy. Great body and great guy overall. I knew he was bisexual but I’ve never hit on him.

Over the weekend I was painting some parts of the house and he started talking to me. Once I was done painting I took off my shorts and shirt. I had a speedo on underneath my shorts. I cleaned the paint off me with the garden hose then decided to get in the pool for a bit. My mom was at work so when I saw the neighbor guy out working in his yard I told him that he Can join me if he’d like. He didn’t have a bathing suit on and I told him just wear your underwear. With out hesitation he took off his shirt and shorts. He had on dark blue fruit of The loom briefs.holy fuck that was sexy! Nice bulge too. He jumped in the pool.

Tensions rose and he said we should get in his hot tub. So we walked over to his yard. I could see a perfect outline of his dick! I was quite big flaccid. When we got to his hot tub he said that he prefers to go naked so that he doesn’t contaminate the water with any clothes that had laundry soap used on them. So he pulls his briefs off. There is his bald cock on display. He says yeah I shave so no hair gets in here. He gets in. I take my speedo off and get in. He sees that I’m shaved too and said I kinda figured you were shaved. Tensions grew more

Finally he asked if I had been getting any since Covid, I told him no. He said the same. He finally asked if he could fuck me. I was waiting for that! We got out of the hot tub and went inside his house. We dried off and went to his bedroom. He was hard as a rock! Holy fuck was that dick thick! It was around 5 to 6 inches long but very thick! He lubed his dick up and then my hole.

It hurt when he first penetrated me! I was so tight from no sex. But it felt so good. I ended up cumming all over myself minutes into sex. He followed by blowing g his big load in my butt. I hardly ever have bare sex but I figured he would cum in me when he didn’t put a condom on.

After sex we headed back to his hot tub for a little bit. He’s a very polite guy. He ordered a pizza while we were in the hot tub. Once the delivery guy was there he threw a towel on his waist and went to get the pizza, he said he does that all the time. Pretty risky to me. We sat in the hot tub and ate it.

When I was getting out to go home for the Night apologized for not wearing a condom and cumming in me without asking. I told him it’s fine, I expect you were going to cum in me when you didn’t rap up. Then I told him how about we do it again tomorrow night.

Been having sex since then


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