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The Lickrish Quartet

I see the cult erotic film from the 1970s and it was erotically interesting. But I am still trying to work out what its really referring to. Sexual desire and metaphor of gun shots for shooting cum. the floor of sex words from dictionary they roll around having the quickest boring sex on. The kid going back in his memories either the son or the fathers childhood or both. Because all this film does is recycle around a dialogue and sex film. and I guess we know where they get the porn stars from after all and its their night out and they take them back to the castle. It has potential to be a better film with more erotic metaphor and what it lacks is something better then just the repeat of the parents in the next generations film. It lacks expected kinky for this era and is not that kinky by today's standards. The female has sex with the dirty old blob and then takes up with his son. how weird who would do that? Is there porn films on this script? I bet there are. The son appears to get back at his brainless sex addicted porn watching parents by making spectacle of them. Now that could have gone further and much more revengeful then just a knife man and the son dressed up like the father again at the end is really disgusting. Are we really a slave to our genetic inheritance or shared environmental circumstances? One would hope not. If this is a cult sex film then its bad. Kinky sex should be better in the location of a castle. I mean where is the vampire even? Not enough erotic sex and not enough character mo nor is the audience really getting into characters head enough intimate. The main character should be the son and the old blob should pick up some chick off the street and why is he locking the wife in a dudgeon down stairs ? he should want to see her be fucked by a dozen men or at least some jail bird of sorts. The son needs to be the one we see the view point of more. Seriously what shit is this? The speed way? what does that have to do with sex? or porn? and it would be kinkier if the chick was a i****t affair like a cousin or half sister. This is about the beasts within us all or it should be but this film lacks any real beast and sex turn on cuz it took me ages and ages to climax to. That is kind of what its mocking that we can switch a button and go back any scene and just watch the dirty bits because if you blink you miss them.



by Anonymous on Sep 15, 2020 at 10:55 PM

well, I would make a remake with you!

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