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Feeling Frisky Tonight For A Change.

I have tried those sexual hypnosis things online to help you cum, feel sexy. I don't know if I like them. I watched some porn to set me up for it and then tried a hypnosis and was thinking about this cutest guy I have seen who I would love to fuck senseless and vis-versa. Like I so want him to play with my huge breasts and let me ride him so hard like I never done. I am a shy lover but I have really humped hard at a pillow and a guy or two who had small cocks and I want a bigger dick to play with. Its been a while, a few sleeps since a good night out or sex. My panties were wet as can be thinking about him talking to me about them and our skin rubbing against each other. I fear I am too lustful and god will punish me for this desire. Its strange how things like rain falling makes me so horny. So I like retro and vintage porn the most. I love Monica Roccaford sex in a barn with a bonnet hat on. I could really get into that big time. I found it erotic as can be possible. I like pleasure plus positions !

I not asking bimbo-boy I just want ya hard and fast and all the time. On a plane, a train, in a forest and barn, in the rain or rocking a bed wild giving you some black eyes with my titties. Just think Bangers beat bimbo bitches better then beach ball bannanas! and I will be there a waiting for ya!



by Anonymous on Oct 17, 2020 at 7:26 AM

Wishing for two black eyes. Giddyup and ride me hard.

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