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Cock Sucking Dad

This has been an amazing week for this mature married dad ,this wee I found time and men that I found pleasure with, wow,,,
This week I got to suck cock four times, twice with my reg buddy ,once with a new buddy and then a TOTALY new experience yesterday, I meet a meet on a hook up site, I thought I was with the man I had meet earlier in the week ,there location was very close to each other, he had me meet him at his storage unit, he said it was private and temp controlled ,I have never had public gay sex before,
Also he told me he wanted to fuck me, I haven taken cock in me n years, it got me very turned on...
I really didn’t know what I was getting into, but we meet, when he got out of the car I was surprised it was not who I hoped it was nor was he in the age group I like, a much older man, well kept, lean but older, I said oh well we are here, it will be a new Experience ,
We entered the building and got on the elevator, he kept saying different things like thx for coming to help me with the unit, laying down cover Incase someone heard us, we got off the elevator and walked a short distance to his unit, he unlocked the door and raised the door, we stepped inside and he left the door up, the light was on , I was surprised to see the walls didn’t go up to the ceiling, only screen up high, he motioned me to the left ,the unit was small, he had two boxes stacked and a chair behind them, the door was open and he motion for me to set,I set down and he pulled his pants down and pulled his cock out, he also had women’s panties on.
He did have a nice cock, I took him in my mouth, I’m sucking his cock in public in the middle of the day,,,,
I was working him good then he pulled me up and pulled my pants down, turned me around, I saw him placing a condom on and he bent me over, it did fell good being fucked again ,,,,but before I could really get into it enough to come myself he pulled out, and dove on my cock, well after being fucked I shot in a few seconds,,,then he jumped up and yanked off the condom and wanted me to suck him off, I had just cum and that really dulls my drive, I took him in my mouth but he was frantic to shot, he pulled backed much to my surprise he started spraying cum everywhere, damn that old guy came all over the space,!!!

I went home and shortly after my reg buddy reached out and I went to him and really enjoyed his cock and his huge load... a little weird but an amazing day



by Anonymous on Oct 17, 2020 at 1:52 PM

You are a lucky guy! I suck a few close friends I work with. There are a total of 5 of us and I have had the pleasure of draining all their cocks many many times. I've only been fucked by 2 of them and they let me fuck them too. Great to know you're getting cock when you want it.

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