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Advise Please

I'm mwm and have a most wonderful wife. We have great sex life and are extremely compatible. Both are very excited with oral pleasures both giving and receiving same.
I have particularly found I'm loving the rimming of her wonderful anus. This is not news to me since I first did this many years ago as a teen with my first girl partners learning and trying different positions and so on.
Have done it with many women and many have been surprised but then gone wild for it.
So now with the quarantine and being together constantly we have been having more sex play than before and I am craving to spend long time with her face down and ass up being kissed and licked in her butt. Have sometimes made her climax with regular intercouse but the surest way is by oral using my tongue on her clit. Pleases us both very much.
Now I'm obsessed with her backside and orally making love to her little hole.
Wife allows such and once passed the initial surprise is now accepting of this proclivity of mine.
My only regret is she has been conditioned by many years of strict religious upbringing that this is a sinful perversion and makes her recoil somewhat fearfully. I am yearning to have her and want her to enjoy as much as myself or even more.
I know many former lovers were over the moon with pleasure from this act but have very much limited and restricted my self from doing so in order to not make my wife uncomfortable.
In the nutshell I'm asking here for advise to how to proceed and make her enjoy being object of my lustful craving.
I would delight in getting the female perspective and advise on how to proceed.
Please ladies or gents with experience share your thoughts?



by Anonymous on Oct 17, 2020 at 10:48 AM

Slip a finger in or when doing doggy style a thumb and see how she responds. Buy her a butt plug or furry plug.

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by Anonymous on Oct 17, 2020 at 10:51 AM

I've been French kissing ass's since I was a teen. Most were a little nervous when I first suggested it, and started working my tongue in the direction of their ass. But the second I made contact, they forgot any inhibitions they may have had. Every woman I've done it with, asks for it every time we had sex. Most of the time it's the only thing on the menu. I can't understand your wife not wanting it. Even the Catholic, girls I've been with couldn't get enough of it.

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