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I've Been Very Naughty

I'm a stripper in a strip club. No, I'm not an exotic dancer. I can't dance to save my life. I take my clothes off in front of men and they tip me for letting them feel me up. By the end of the night I am so horny I often I'd fuck anything with a cock.

The club where I work is owned by a woman who was a stripper a long time ago but now would only appeal to men over 70 who like big girls. Her husband is a police officer who had in the past arrested her on prostitution but later fell for her. But she got old and fat and ugly.

So what's my confession? I fuck my boss's husband almost every night. She's 50 and looks 70 and has gained 25 lbs every year of their 15 years of marriage. She takes a bath once a week whether she needs one or not and has the stringiest ugly grey streaked hair you ever saw. He's 45 and looks 30 and is a gorgeous uniform wearing muscle stud. She's not worthy of him and I don't know why he stays married to her other than maybe she has a lot of money. So every night when my last set is over and I settle up with my boss I get dressed and go out the back door and he's there waiting for me and drives me home and fucks me for about an hour before going back to pick up his wife who spends about two hours every night counting her loot.


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