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Better Than A Sopapilla For Desert

I stopped at this Mexican restaurant for a late lunch. The waiter was a thirty something obviously gay man. He was nice, attentive, we talked, I reached for his hand to admire his ring, holding on for an extra minute. We exchanged names, he helped wiping the dirt off my jeans, nice bottom pats. I met him in the restroom, a one person bathroom, locked the door and sucked on his delicious Mexican cock. I'm a sucker for Mexicans, and I kissed his sweet lips before sneaking out of the bathroom and out into the parking lot with the sweet taste of his cum in my mouth.



by Anonymous on Nov 5, 2020 at 2:37 PM

A few years ago when we lived on the east coast there was an Italian restaurant my wife and I liked to go to sometimes for lunch. The wait staff were mainly Latinos and Easter Europeans, mostly Czech.
Anyway, one of the Spanish guys was a handsome 30-something guy who we got to know a little.
Turned out Octavio was Mexican and he was discretely bisexual.
I told my wife that I thought he was interested in her and there was a little innocent flirting.
I would've loved to watch my wife suck him off and she would kid around with me and say she wanted cafe con leche for dessert and she would like it to be Octavio's leche.
There was more than one time when I was going or coming from the single occupancy restroom and had to pass Octavio in the narrow hallway. He would give me a smile and rub up against me as we passed each other. Sometimes he'd rub his ass against me and a couple of times he did the opposite and brushed his front against my ass. Only once I actually could feel what seemed to be a stiff cock through his thin black uniform pants.
Though we never did follow up or get together with him, I kind of regret that because I think we could've had a helluva threesome with him.

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