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Between lockdowns I went to the cinema. In the dark sat watching the film I felt this strangers hand rubbing the bulge in my pants. I instinctively squirmed but with nowhere to go. I half heartedly pushed him away with no success so I gave up and let him play.
I just sat there eyes fixed in the screen being slowly aroused, what else could I do? The rubbing became more intense with a little squeeze now and again, OH MY GOD. I didn't know if it was intentional but he was edging me. Slowly but surely I was soaking my pants in precum.
'Don't stop', I whispered, 'Please don't stop'. He decided to stop, BUGGER.



by Anonymous on Nov 21, 2020 at 8:51 AM

Durp durp durp lol....

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by Anonymous on Nov 23, 2020 at 10:56 AM

Remember the first time this happened to me about 40 years ago. The man next to me rubbed his leg up tight against mine then reached over and started rubbing my dick through my pants. It was surprising to me but felt good and I went along. Next thing he was on his knees in front of me in the dark porn theater and he opened my jeans and took my dick out.
I had blowjobs from my gf already but never had such a great BJ as this older man gave me.
He sucked on my balls and if we were in a booth or motel or something I'm positive he would've rimmed me, the way he was trying to get lower.
Anyway, I told him I was gonna cum and he held on tight, took it in his mouth and swallowed nearly all of my load.
I zipped up and got the heck out of there before he asked for anything in return!

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