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Good Insurance A Must

I posted on Craigslist, when it was still involved in sex adverts... Financially secure single male, well-insured, seeks firm, mildly brutal gang-r**e during a home-invasion...preferably more than a one-night stand. My isolated house is not very secure, and I'm heavily into self-bondage, so I'll have done most of the work for you...you may expect complete privacy and no unexpected interruptions...do whatever you want to me, but no real violence, wounding, trauma, etc. You can and should remain anonymous, preferably by keeping me "in the dark"...prefer at least three participants - no upward limit - the more the merrier...serious ad from a true risk-taker - no hidden catches - use and abuse welcomed, with moderate only brutality, although I'm ready to have my limits carefully and imaginatively expanded. Bring my fantasy to life, risk-free...

I had included my address, and I had almost given up on this, when one Friday night, wearing my expensive leather strait-jacket, with attached hood, requiring only the buckling of the sleeves behind my back, they were deftly and silently secured, and through the heavy lined and padded hood, I was aware of quiet voices, though unintelligible.

Now totally helpless, apprehensive but excited, the zippered opening in the heavy hood was eased open, and hot hard flesh slid deep into my mouth, and more of the same eased its way into my ass, and my long delightful torture began. Insidious but endless wanking entered the equation too, and I knew utter bliss, for the first time, being totally at the mercy of my unseen captors, with zero chance of rescue.

They were firm, relentless, but relatively gentle with me, and my submission just blossomed to the most incredible depths, as I allowed myself to be used and abused, as time passed, almost unnoticed. They sat me on the toilet stool once a day, fed me a couple of energy bars a day, through the same zippered opening in the hood, and kept me hydrated with beer. I lost all track of time, and eventually persuaded them to make the arrangement long-term, with "shifts"...

Then one day I woke to find the strait-jacket sleeves unfastened, and them gone...at that point I learned the entire process had taken one month, and I felt an incredible sense of loss, together with a desire to recreate things...haven't been able to arrange this yet! Oh and by the way, I lost some well-insured electronics, and such...bargain of a lifetime in my book!


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