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Split Personality, Daddy's Little Girl

I am a 24 year old lesbian living in Austin, Texas, on and off college student. Two years ago I was working waitressing and I got drawn into a conversation with an older man eating alone. He got me to tell him I was couch surfing and my car had died a miserable death. He waited for me to get off and walked up to me at the bus stop and showed me his DL giving me his name and told me he liked baby girls and nothing made him happier than looking after a baby.

Puke! He offered to put me in an apartment, help me go to school, loan me a car, all I had to do was be his baby girl and let him take care of me. Puke!, except I talked to him, accepted a ride to my friends place, he walked in with me, it was pretty bad and he told me to get my stuff and he was taking me to his place.

Two years, I have to sleep with him, he holds me when he is deep in me and asks me if I love my Daddy. If I am his baby girl. Puke! I can't stop myself, I repeat over and over that I'm his baby girl, and that I love my Daddy. Puke, double puke! When I am not in his arms I can't imagine calling him Daddy, but when he pulls me towards him to penetrate me I start asking him if he loves his little girl. I call him Daddy, I snuggle in his arms.

Brain and feelings are not working, it is stupid he is not my father, but he is my Daddy. Two years, college is coming along, I live with him. I stopped seeing my girlfriend six months ago, she just pukes when she hears me call him Daddy or refer to myself as his baby girl.



by Anonymous on Nov 21, 2020 at 3:39 PM

So does he give you orgasms?

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