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I Paid For Pleasure And I Will Get Me Moneys Worth

Waitress told me money is tight, no customers and those who are don't tip like before.

"Maybe I start selling sex" laughed and walked away.

I ask how much would this sex cost and what would I get. She wanted to blow me for $50, but I wanted to penetrate her. She said sucking and I could finish having sex inside her. $75

I met her at her apartment, it was cleaner than hospital operating room. Everything in place. She was showered with make up, her hair fixed up,
wearing a robe with sexy night gown under the robe.

This was not like a bang and go, she was giving me boyfriend treatment. Took me
to her room, we kissed she took the robe off, did a little dance for me, then started sucking my cock. I finger her and she tells me her vagina is sore, hurts
so be easy with me fingers, they are rough.

We got to the point of sex, she laid on her back legs open and I tried to get it in her. She said it hurt if I put too much in. Just put part of it in her. I did went slow and she came. Pussy was wet and now i wanted mine, but she said it hurts. I told her that I paid for sex, I needed to get mine or this would take

all night. She said go ahead, I got mine the way I wanted and that was cock buried in her and letting my cock soak in her after i came. She wanted me off and out of her, She went and washed, came back complaining of soreness.

She told me that's not enough money for that kind of pain. I ask if she could take it in her ass, She did not know, never tried. Told her I would pay again if she would try. She said ok but if it hurts that bad she would just blow me.

I said no, if it hurts, you take it till I finish. I get what I paid for. She agreed. We used baby oil for lube, I say her ass took it better than the vagina. Got cum and
little shit on her bed. She was upset about that.



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by Anonymous on Nov 22, 2020 at 6:47 PM

You bugger a bird for real it’s not like in fuck flicks. You got to expect a little mud. Lol

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