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Dreams Of My Disabled Friend

I had reconnected with a friend via a hook-up site when I was still in high school. He was two years older so he had already graduated. Since then we have still kept in touch, and he's always complained about how he cannot find a girlfriend. He doesn't understand why, and neither do I. He is disabled with missing one arm from the shoulder, he has a cleft lip and blind in one of his eyes. He can do pretty much everything that everyone else can do but the state obviously does not think so, so he is considered disabled. He was born this way, he can't change it. He isn't an ugly guy, but he isn't all that attractive, either.
I do feel bad for him that he has to deal with what he has to deal with, but I have also developed a very sexualized fantasy of myself being with him and all the things I want to do to him and his virgin body.

Like I said he is a virgin, he has never slept with someone before. I want to take advantage of that and of him. I want to show him how he can enjoy himself, I want to see how he gets himself off and introduce him to raw fucking, anal and BDSM. I want to see the way his face lights up when I suck him off and when I slide my pussy on him and make him feel good the way he deserves to feel. I'm tempted to text him and have secret phone sex conversations with him.

Is it so wrong that I want to just have that sexual relationship with him? I am in a relationship right now, so I can't just mosey on over and push him down on the bed and dom him. But I think in the future I want to try out the most kinkiest things imaginable with him.
I have never thought about taking a man's virginity, but the thought is so hot and I desperately want to be his first.



by Anonymous on Nov 29, 2020 at 10:54 AM

He sounds like your perfect side dick man as he'll value you so much he'll never blab on you to risk ruining his only access to a woman

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by Anonymous on Dec 7, 2020 at 1:09 AM

That is such a beautiful sentiment and intention. It will really enrich his life and yours. Go for it!

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by Anonymous on Jan 17, 2021 at 11:34 PM

That’s not a good idea as he will think more of it than you, he will fall for you but if you don’t love him back you will break his heart.

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