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The Handyman

I have lived in this older semi industrial neighborhood of the city all my life and I know everyone .I am an accountant for a medium size company nearby so I do not have to commute. My long term relationship with a local girl ended just before the pandemic and I am a 28 yr old tall, lean single guy.

My house is an older small semi detached house that always needs lots of work I am not very handy so have had various contractors in to fix stuff and renovate .I was tired of paying top rates for mediocre jobs. There is a very handy older guy who does odd jobs around the neighborhood and can fix almost anything .He was great at plumbing too so during the pandemic I wondered about hiring him .I was hesitant because this guy appears to have a huge crush on me and has told me I am very handsome lots of times in casual conversation .He is short, stocky, balding with a bit of a beer belly and around 58 or so.

Finally in April I decided to call him in as I felt I could deal with any crush and redirect him back to work. I had lots of work for him to do and would pay him decently. He was excited to start working and began coming over every day. Since I could work from home this was no problem .He worked well and was soon fixing tons of stuff and replacing pipes .I was pleased at his efficiency .He was eager to chat during breaks and we smoked cigarettes as we discussed the work. He was staring at me intently and glancing at my crotch .I was embarrassed about it but did not know what to say. I realized he was probably sexually obsessed with me .One Saturday about 2 weeks in he worked especially hard and completed the biggest job .It was early evening so I rewarded him with take out pizza and some beers .Bill was appreciative and I noticed was moving closer and closer to me when we were talking. At one point he pulled me close with his strong arms and pressed hard against me so I could feel his hard bulge .Instead of resisting I felt myself become passive surrendering to him. His desire for me appeared too strong to fight off anymore .He kissed my mouth hard and pulled me down on the living room carpet. He took his clothes off as I lay there on the thick carpet. His fat thick stubby cut cock was sticking in the air hard. He then took my clothes off and I noticed my own slimmer cock was stiffening. He started caressing my cock and kissing me wetly on the floor .I became more and more aroused and kissed his full lips back. As we frenched he masturbated my cock. He made me shoot a big load all over my stomach .He pointed at his cock and said I like mine sucked .I had never sucked a cock but did not feel I could resist him at this point. I went down his body and still had my cum on my belly. I guided that fat cock into my mouth and found I enjoyed kissing the head then engulfing as much of it as I could. As I sucked him steady my own cock stiffened again. I loved sucking his fat cock and when he shot his load I gulped it down greedily enjoying the salty taste of it. After I had my orgasm he suggested we lie down in bed so we did. He told me how much he wanted me for years and now he has had me sexually he wants me all the time. This made me feel a strange glow inside to be so desired by him and realized I could get used to this and become his sexually .He lit us a cigarette which we shared as I thought about what he said. We slept together in bed. Bill got horny in the middle of the night and found some vaseline to lube up my asshole with .At this point further resistance was futile and I realized he was going to fuck my ass .I was afraid of it hurting but he reassured me by saying it is gonna hurt at first but once you get used to it you will love it. He fucked me from behind like a dog and it did hurt a lot .Bill filled my asshole with his wet sperm.

Over the next few months Bill was proven right .Now when he fucks me I beg him for his fat juicy cock and all I feel is pleasure when his cock goes in my ass deep until it blows cum in me .He finished all the jobs now pops by all the time to sleep over fuck me or be sucked by me .I crave him now and need his fat cock inside me. His obsession for me is now mutual love and desire between us .He is my strong sexy older boyfriend and I cannot get enough.



by Anonymous on Nov 30, 2020 at 1:13 AM

Cheers mate, good for you both.

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by Anonymous on Dec 13, 2020 at 6:33 AM

Yep i love being a bottom. Nothing better than to be submissive to my lovers needs. I cum soft and hands free from getting my ass pounded and I to beg and moan with pleasure feeling a big fat juicey cock in my hole.

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