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Amateur Escort

My husband and I have been married for seven years and still have a very active sex life.
He often travels with work and on occasion I accompany him. On this occasion he was due to go for dinner with a client but assured me he would be back at the hotel around nine and we could have a drink together.
I got ready, dressing a little more risqué as we were away from home and I know he likes me to show a little more. He texted to say he was over running but he'd meet me in the bar.
I ordered a drink and as on my own sat at the corner of the bar. I then got another text saying he would actually be an hour so annoyed I ordered another drink. I then went to the toilet where I thought I'll finish the drink then head back to the room. Once back at the bar I saw a third drink next to my half finished second. The barman said thats from the gentlemen over there.
Turning around I saw a guy who was at least ten years younger than me, well dressed and obviously in shape. I smiled and he came over.
I cant say I wasn't flattered as we flirted but was stunned when he asked how much would it be to take me upstairs. I don't know why but I just replied 200. He smiled and said OK, then took my hand and walked me to the lift. As we went up he took out his wallet, pulled out the money and handed it to me.
In a daze I followed him to his room and once in he pulled me into his arms, started kissing me and running his hands over my bum. I could feel his cock in his trousers and slowly rubbed my hand over it.
Would you suck my he asked and I nodded. Sliding down I unbuckled his belt and pulled out his rapidly hardening cock. Looking up I then began to lick his cock before taking him into my mouth and starting to suck him. He tasted so good that I lost myself until he pulled me up, walked me to the bed and pushing my dress up started to lick my pussy through my panties. He was so good I came within minutes. We both got naked and I climbed on top of him. Should I put on a condom he asked but I had already slid onto him. I shook my head and told him I wanted to feel him and we began to fuck. His cock felt amazing and I came again before he asked me to get on all fours where he entered me from behind and began to pound me, finally exploding inside me. We lay there kissing before he said I guess you have to go now. I suddenly remembered my husband and nodded. Your times up I whispered and kissed him one more time.
I cleaned up in the bathroom, got dressed and went downstairs to the bar. The barman smiled as I ordered a straight vodka. Two minutes later husband walked in.



by Anonymous on Nov 30, 2020 at 1:05 AM

Please tell us what happened when your husband got to the bar. You kissed him with another man's cockbreath and I bet even if he has no idea what happened, some primal part of him responded to you as a naughty girl.
Well, maybe not your husband, I'm just projecting but I think you're a hot wife.
Hope you treated yourself to something nice with the two hundred.

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