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For My Bf

I like having my boyfriend and do anything he wants. A month ago while it was still warm days he got me to sit and fuck my pussy on his gear shift in the car while he watched calling me names. The big knob and thin shaft really didn't do anything for me but I was wet and he thinks it got me off. He started calling me names, nasty names, even wrote on me with magic marker. My mom found some of the markings when she came in while I was in the shower. This past weekend I spent the whole weekend with him, and he got me really stoned, and was talking about how he needs more excitement in our sex life. I promised to do anything he wanted as I always have.

In shame, I got on the floor on my hands and knees. He put a blanket over my back, and led in his dog. The dog licked me, sniffed me and with some trouble mounted me. He came in me, then pulled the knot out with his cum splashing out of me and dripping all over. My boyfriend immediately replaced him and was pumping me from the back and came inside me. Over the weekend the dog did it to me in both my vag and my butthole. In my butt, twice the knot wouldn't slip out and he turned around and we were butt to butt for over 15 minutes each time. My boyfriend took pictures. When not taking pictures he was slapping my breasts calling them saggy, hanging udders.

I feel like total crap about it, my boyfriend treats me like a piece of meat just there to satisfy him and now talks even dirtier about me. He marked "Filled with Dog Sperm" on my belly and "assfucked by dogs" on my butt. I just hope no one sees it before it fades away.



by Anonymous on Nov 30, 2020 at 10:49 AM

If you aren't enjoying it you should do it. Degrading yourself just for his pleasure is never going to make you respect him or him you. Sex is about pleasure and it should be mutual. He will never respect you this way. IN fact my guess it will get worse, him inviting friends over to fuck you and more without considering your feelings. Stop now and I would strongly suggest you find a new boyfriend.

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by Anonymous on Nov 30, 2020 at 6:56 PM

Maybe you need to take his friends cocks in the ass after all...

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