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Young And Horny

In my late teens I was just getting to know how to be a bi sexual guy even though I liked men more than women I was always thinking about big cocks and snapley asses this one time I was looking for my next cock to suck and sat at a coffee shop watching the guys as they walked in scoring them out of 10 judging them by the bulg in there jeans and the tightness of there ass when this one guy walked in he looked like a lorry driver but his jeans were so tight I could see everything in front and behind.
My cock started to stire in my shorts and I started rubbing it under the table for some reason he must have senced what I was doing and looked straight at me. I looked at him and smiled and he smiled back he graded his coffee a walked to the door as he reached the door he indicated with his head for me to follow him. In the car park he guided me to his lorry cab I climbed up and got in the back he pulled his dr**es closed he didn't say a word he just grabbed my shorts and yanked them down exposing my now fully erect cock he took one look at it and pulled down his jeans exposing his own cock I gasped it must have been 10 inches at least and 2 inches thick. After a few seconds of me staring at the monster in front of me he grabbed me and span me around so I was face down he spat on his hand rubbed my anus with with it sticking his finger in as he did then he spat in his hand again and rubbed it over the head of his cock.
MY face was jammed in to his pillow but his other hand then I felt in massive cock entered me. (to be continued)


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