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Guilty Pleasure

Bit risky of me to tell, but I remember when my oldest son was about fifteen and after school would bring this one girl he was friends with and just watch tv or play games. Well, one of the times I had my best mate with me and we were just drinking peer and playing cards like we had nothing better to do.

Now I dont normally stick my head into other's business, but I remember just wanting to seem cool in front of my son's friend and really just wanted to give him a good push to make those first moves, like a good father should. I don't think they meant though to give them beer, but thats what I did.

Downing a couple cans and even bringing out the whiskey, the two of them were more than pushed. I don't know why, but my best mate kept getting flirty and joking like my son needing to speak up or else he'll steal her away. Well, one thing led to another and my mate made the first move, and I kind of joined in with him. Started with trying to get her to sit on a lap or cop a feel, to dishing out $20 a piece for a strip show.

Next yeah know, all of us are on the couch taking turns getting blown and just, I remember sitting her up there and my began to push myself in, just that feel and sight as it eased in. Then my mate had a turn and barely could fit, then my son and that just went around for a bit. We really didn't hold back, and I really do mean that. Even if she went limp, those soft gasps or moans were perfect. My mate even had the bright idea to grab some oil from the kitchen, and after working his way, was having anal and giving her a good clit rub. My son wasn't as interested at first, so I went and at first it really wasn't doing much for me till I lifted her up on my lap and really got in to make her squirm some and put some work in.

I called it quits after that, not that my son had it in him by that point either. My mate though went along for a little longer, and digging his hands in to scoop any junk out. I swear he was like in love with his tinder bride.

After cleaning up, and letting things sober up, and of course making sure everything was alright, I took the liberty to drop her off by her home with my son later than normal, under the excuse that she stayed for dinner, that is if you count fast food as dinner.

Me and my son had a little chat about our bonding moment on the drive back. Deep down I knew what we did was wrong, but I also had a sense of pride for seeing my boy be a man. After that day though, things seemed still well. My son and his friend still came around and while they never did start dating, I'm pretty certain they fooled around only because I know a few more times I did too.

Most intense was when my mate was over again, I had her on my lap again and I convinced my son to join me, just, sandwich her between as we both were inside, that really got me steaming and feeling her clench down more than ever, but no where near when it was me and my mate. I didn't even have enough time to pull out of pussy to cum because she was spasming so much. Again, intense.

And if its worth any considerations, no, other than her, me and him or my other son never had anything similar. And while I can't speak for my mate, but I never had a thing for younger girls though I guess just for her, she was a guilty pleasure



by Anonymous on Jan 15, 2021 at 11:03 PM

Sounds like she wasn't new to this and wanted it. Did you also cum in her? Did she cum?

What about your son? Did your bonding with him make things better between you two? Did you keep any mementos?

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