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Who's Got The Best Deal

If there's one good thing personally to come out of the lockdowns. It's that every single day for nearly a year, I've fucked a young tenant of mine.
He's nineteen, effeminate and loves to dress up in very sissy looking clothes.
I get to fuck his gorgeous mouth and arsehole when I want, with my wife hating any form of work. Which basically means I collect the rent.
Only I don't with Callum. I collect his fuck holes to wrap around my cock instead.
He lives rent free, gives up his sex to me, completely, and I fuck a very pretty fem boy every day.
I suspect, I sort of know, my wife knows I'm fucking him. But she's too lazy to bother about it. She's even given me some of her old dresses that long since fit her, to give to Callum.
He's got at least three more years at his chosen college, especially as its been so interrupted. And he's recently told me he's in love with me.
I think maybe its my long thick cock, but when we're kissing, before during and after sex, I can honestly say, I love him too.



by Anonymous on Jan 13, 2021 at 7:45 AM

You lucky bugger, I bet you are really enjoying that sweet young meat. Oh man I envy you.

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by Anonymous on Jan 13, 2021 at 11:27 AM

When I was 18 to 20 I was the Callum. I let a married man in his early 40's fuck me and I sucked him, he sometimes jacked me to orgasm, and over 3 years he sucked me probably a dozen times. Each time feeding me back my cum. I wasn't effeminate but was thin and short with long hair. In fact, my body and even face and hair looked very much like his wife. I would dress and make up for him as he wanted, he even walked me out to the park at dusk and once dark bent me over and fucked me out there.
After a year almost, his wife made comments to me that she was glad she didn't have to take it up her ass anymore, and I could stay as long as I wanted. I saw up her dresses and skirts a few times and she had male jockeys on under. Once even saw her in a tee shirt, she had almost no tits (like me, very small bumps) and I just know she had on boys undies and had to take his monster up her ass. She and I got along very well.
I'm older now, have a nice wife, who does like to peg me.

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