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Wildest Panty Theft Story

I grew up in many foster homes. Often times the foster mom was never attractive to the point where I would even think about fucking them. But I had one foster mom named Sharon Carter. We never fucked or anything but I would steal her panties and cum in them. I would lay on her bed naked and masterbate when she was gone. She had those sexy black silk panties that felt so smooth and silky. Her dirty panties had that mature women pussy smell. She would often leave me home alone while she went out shopping or to work so it became a regular thing to go into her room, raid her panty drawer and pick my favorite ones. The first time I ever did it, I just pulled my pants down. But then I started to get completely naked and lay on her bed and put her panties all over me. I would only cum in her dirty panties because I didn't want to get caught. I would moan and say her name. Sharon. Sharon fuck me. Then I would grab a pair of her dirty panties and wrap it around my dick and I would go faster until I felt it cum. I never thought I'd get caught. One day she did. Like I was in her room and stroking with a pair and I heard her come inside. I quickly grabbed them and got up to throw them in her hamper. There was no time to run out her door and into my room so I stayed in her room hoping she wouldn't come in. I heard her coming down the hall. My heart racing. I think she saw her door cracked open which she always left closed. Then she said my name. She peeked in and I was standing naked in the corner next to her hamper with her semen stained panties hiding my crotch. She said, "I'm going to come in okay". She came in and walked right up to me. She said, "I'm going to take these okay". She reached for the panties and slowly started to pull them away. She grabbed them and then I was completely naked standing in front of her. She saw the cum oozing of them and the glistening semen shining in the light. She looked down and saw my now limp dick with a little bit of cum on the head and a strand of precum hanging from the opening about to touch the floor. She then pulled the panties near her face and smelled them and winced a bit. She said, "wow". It was a strong smell. Then she looked back at me and then looked down again at my dick. It was still shining with fresh cum. To be continued...


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