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Looking Forward To Getting Together With My Friend Today

Today I have a meeting with my friend. We are both on leave from work, working from home. I met him on line and have been getting together on a biweekly basis for some drinks, and fun. I suppose that he fills lots of my particular buttons. I have always been attracted to bigger men, lumberjack type men. I'm a cock guy, cocks give me the rush I need. He has a nice cock, and with the help of a pill or two he can sustain an erection which gives me the opportunity to show him just how much I like his cock.

At first is was just cock and talk. Sitting around, massaging, caressing, sucking, licking, kissing cock. But after a while, spontaneously while we were getting some snacks to go with our beer he kissed me on the mouth. He caught me off guard but I let him kiss me again. It felt good, his warm lips on mine and he put his tongue on my lips which sent a charge down my spine. After that we started to get together in bed, spending a lot of time caressing skin, kissing nipples, kissing on the mouth, and of course spending quite some time with his cock. He usually laid back and enjoyed, and as I would lay beside him he caressed my cock. Some 69 activity, but when I am giving my full attention to his cock he likes to just lay back and enjoy.

Being undressed makes it beer, I do like looking at him naked. I like it when he takes the time to run his hands over me, particularly when he runs his hands across my ass. It has given me the courage to bottom for him and I've come to really enjoy having him give me a good manly fucking. I must say than when he fucks, he fucks. All business. I like that.

So today we get together again, this time at his place. It is about a 40 minute drive over there. He lives in a townhouse with a garage, so he will have the garage door open for me to come in. We are going to cook something today, I bringing over some fresh salmon, that and new potatoes and green beans. We are cutting back on the beer and we will have a nice wine instead. And an afternoon together, maybe a hot shower together, maybe we will just work up a sweat together. Let's see how it goes. I am already looking forward to his cock.

Good day to you, pandemic month 10. For me at least I have made a friend.


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