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Fucking For Money

"Happily married lesbian couple looking for no nonsense male to service us."

I answered the posting on CL, yes this a few years ago. I met them at this outdoor beer garden, both Teutonic looking women in their early thirties, not small but not huge either, articulate and they told me that it was just business. I service them, no names involved, I pick up my envelope with the tip and leave. Fast and furious, they took care of the foreplay.

I followed them to their place, a not too nice run down house. Their house was a mess, clothes on the floor, bathroom dirty, the kitchen sink had dirty dishes in it. They got down to business, on their unmade bed. Starting with dual oral, the top girl grinding her pussy into the other girl's face. They got off, and started again. This time with a series of toys, again working themselves into a frenzy until they came again.

Girl 1 put her ass in the air and girl 2 licked her ass, not her pussy. She asked me if I wanted to lick her ass too. They got side by side, asses pointed high, and handed me a tube of lube and told me to lube them up and fuck their ass. No pussy, just ass, one, two, one, two, in and out, one, two, just fuck their ass until I came.

During the session, they talked, ranked me, ranked the size of my cock, requested action, requested to slow down, they used their hands to stimulate their clits, until I just couldn't keep up and came in girl 2. I cleaned up and they gave me the envelope with my tip and I left. Fifty bucks for an hour of watching them have sex, and five minutes of fucking them in the ass.



by Anonymous on Jan 13, 2021 at 6:23 PM

So did you lick her ass or not? I bet after you left they got into a 69 and ate out each others asses and girl number one took the creampie from the other one and they cumkissed and got each other hot again.

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