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I Quit My Old Job

My supervisor had been injured in the military, he had a Purple Heart and was on disability. What I didn't know was that he had been injured in the junk and he was not a man. He took medication to make up for his disability and that made him sexually aggressive. I though he was a jerk and stayed away from him.

Several coworkers went to a Friday after work happy hour on a whim. Some other people from work showed up, including my supervisor. I was bending over a table talking to one of my female coworkers when my supervisor grabbed me between my legs. I screamed, and the next thing I knew he was out on the floor and this man was holding his fist.

I sort of had to be thankful, and talk with the man. To me he was older, like 35. To him I was just the right age, 24. When I left the happy hour I got in his car and we went out to eat. I got home the next morning nursing my holes, after spending the night with him.

At work on Monday I learned of his disability and his medication. It was up to me as to whether he was fired or not. If he stayed, I was assigned to another department. For me I got screwed anyways, my knight in shinning armor kept calling me, my supervisor's job was in my hands. I did the only thing I knew to do. Put that weekend behind me, let my supervisor stay and the company had to figure out what to do with the manless man. Me, I quit and went to work with my new boyfriend who wanted a full time girlfriend.


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