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Dual Kinks

This months long isolating has really got my dirty mind working over time. Two different kinks are making me stroke it. First is I want to have a hot mature milf let me eat her c**t and give her a rim job after she does her workout and is real damp and sweaty in her yoga pants. Want that heavy female musk and that salty and bitter anal taste would swallow if shes a squirter too.
Other kink buzzing me is petite little cocoa ladyboys. Love to have one with tiny brown balls and a little bitty gooey juicy dicklet. I take the whole pakage in my mouth and gentle suck until that bitch creams for white papasan.



by Anonymous on Mar 2, 2021 at 1:59 AM

Thats weird. I was just watching some Thai ladyboy porn. Awesome.

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