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The Man In The Window

After joining a multinational accounting firm I was sent to their offices in Amsterdam for training. I was given a small efficiency apartment on the bus line to the training center. The first night there I stood looking out the window which looked out upon another building. At night the lights came on and I could see people going about their evening activities. I had a small pair of binoculars I used in Boy Scouts and I sat on the only chair gazing from window to window.

After about an hour I caught a man watching television. Focusing on the tv the show was a gay porn show. The man sat in a chair, when he stood he was in shorts and a t-shirt. It was still warm and his window was open. Night after night the scene repeated itself, I caught him putting the tape in a VCR, watching the same tape. He stopped, rewound and watched a scene of a man fucking a younger man. The scene is burnt into my memory.

I watched him in the morning and saw how he was dressed, I spotted him get on a bus, I followed him all the way to his job in a building. I took that route several times on my way to the training center. At night I watched the porn film with him, imagining that I was the younger man and he was the man behind me. As the days went by, the desire to approach him got stronger, until one day I sat beside him on the bus and said hello, he spoke a little English, but was reserved and didn't want to converse.

It took several days of riding with him, talking to him, telling him where I was staying, about my training, about how lonely it was not knowing anyone. He finally spoke, told me of things to do. I touched his arm, I looked into his eyes, I put my hand on his hand. He invited me to his apartment, I knew it from watching him. I asked him if he had family, I had to take the lead. I asked him if he liked me. I let him touch me. Finally he touched my face. I looked into his eyes, begging for more.

That night, I leaned over his coffee table, with my hands holding me up, he stood behind me and I imagined myself as the young man on the VCR. The window open, I knew that anonymous nobodies could be watching me, it made the whole experience that much better. For the rest of my six week training I went to his apartment and had sex with him.


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