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Me And The Babysitter

My parents worked a lot in the evening, and since i have a little brother we have had babysitters up till i was 16 and he was 10.

At bed time round 9 i went to bed or the sitter put me there. My parents mostly would come home round midnight. I knew my parents were ok with the sitters having a friend over, but needed to be the same sex. We had some boy-sitters, only boy-friends, and girl-sitters only girl friends were allowed.

This true story happened when i was 12.
A girl-sitter, around 16 or 17, from down the street and her friend, also 16 or 17, were often with us. I liked them, we could talk easily, But always round 9 they urged me to go to bed.
I was a good sleeper, never woke up. But one night i woke up, being thirsty so i got out of bed, and silent down the stairs to get to the kitchen. But on the stairs i heart soft moans.
I started to look around where it came from, the living room.
Very quiet i moved to the see what happened.

Our sitter and her friend were nude, their clothes on the floor.
The sitter was on the couch, her head resting and her eyes closed.
Her friend was on the ground, her head between the legs of the sitter.
I looked right at the naked ass of her friend, as her head was moving between the sitters legs.
I recognized the sound of the moaning from the sitter. And her friend moved her hand between her own legs, just like i did when i played with myself.
I got a but turned on, my hand running over the front of my pj's.
Then the sitter let out a long moan... almost a roar.. and started shaking.
i saw her orgasm and pushed my hand harder on myself.
Her friend moved up, her head on her tits, then they kissed, telling how good the orgasm was. then.. they saw me
Jenny, are you ok? how long where you here, what did you see, the sitter asked.
Her friend smiled, are you feeling tingly between your legs?
i looked down, saw my hand moving and i pulled my hand away, being embarrassed.
Both said it was normal for a girl to have her hand down there, and that they were special friends and also did more than a hand between their own hands.
I started to ask questions what they did, why they did it and all i got back that it
was for me to find out when i was older.
I got kinda mad, i was old enough to feel good between my legs, i knew about orgasms and if they wouldnt tell me, i would ask my mom what they were doing.
The sitter and her friend seemed to get scared by that idea and asked, if i was never to tell, if i wanted to have a better look. I did.
The friend sat on the couch, her legs spread and i looked at her.
Nice pussy (yea, i knew the word), nice breasts.
They started kissing, with tongue, then the sitter started kissing and sucking her boobs, her hand already between her legs. i moved in to get a better look, my hand rubbing in my pj;'s.
The friend asked if i wanted to be nude like them.. the sitter looked at me and said that would be equal, us all naked. so i undressed, them looking at me made it hotter.
as the sitter moved to the floor, her friend asked me to sit next to her.
i saw the tongue of the sitter on the pussy of her friend and watched, rubbing hard between my legs. the hand of the friend moved on my legs, soft moans.. she was almost..
then i felt her hand on my little chest.. and she came.. so soft, she said touching me.
i felt my pussy tingle, also wanted to cum.. as the sitter looked up at me, can i lick you?
i didn't know what to say, but without a word the sitter moved between my legs...
and as i felt her mouth i came.. it felt so good.

as i revived from my orgasm they were both next to me, slowly moving their hands on my body, my little titties and kissing my body, my face, till we kissed, with tongue.
the friend moved between my legs, can i to have a taste?
i really wanted her to, the sitter and i kissed, she licked my body and let me lick her tits.
brought my hand between her legs to touch her... it was great.

after that we kissed and the both brought me to bed.
they came back lots more, and to my pleasure it happened over and over, including me learning how to pleasure them. I know i was young, but i don't regret anything



by Anonymous on Mar 6, 2021 at 1:20 PM

That is the hottest thing I have ever read on here. Thanks

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