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My Foster Siblings

My parents became foster parents when I was 11 and my brother was 5. My first foster brother Eddie was my age and had come from a m****ting father, and was very touchy-feely. It was weird at fist but I got like it. After about a week he started playing with my dick, and soon was sucking me. My folks overheard us, and I got a talk about sex, followed by being told that as long as no one is made to do anything they don't want to do it was okay with them. I quickly got educated all about gay sex. After a month my brother Harry came in my room while we were "playing" and wanted to play too. He became a regular partner (I don't know when he started sucking Dad but it wasn't a secret by the time he was in his teens).

After six months we got a younger foster sister Sally who had also had a m****ty parent and she was cock-obsessed. Sally had no "boundaries" and was likely to use sex as a way of relieving boredom even at her age. We boys had no problem with that. Mom and Dad had us in charge of keeping her from getting "in trouble" outside the house.

We had other foster kids come and go, about half of them willing partners in our fun. Mom and Dad were of the opinion that as long as everyone was doing things voluntarily it was no one's business, just don't do it in the yard, no talking about it at the dinner table or in front of guests, and wash up afterwards.

Eddie and I moved out together and Eddie eventually got married. I ended up marrying Sally as soon as she got legal. Harry became a drag queen and fashion model.



by Anonymous on Mar 7, 2021 at 4:03 AM

Married both of them?

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