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Not Safe For Work Pool Party

My one and only nude party. I was 14, still developing. We were at a friend's birthday party, five girls had a sleepover. Around midnight we went out to the pool, tops first, followed by our bikini bottoms. All of a sudden we were naked, making fun of each other's tits, ass and pubes. One after the other had to lay back and expose our inner lips, our vaginas. One, two or three girls used their fingers to poke as deep as they could, a ping pong paddle handle came next.

Kissing and fondling followed, mutual humping. Back upstairs on the floor of the den, scissoring, mouthing, tit sucking, and poking holes in front and back. We finally fell asleep, naked or near naked and were gotten up by our hostess' mother.

College was tame. That's all I have to say.



by Anonymous on Mar 5, 2021 at 3:03 PM

When you say 'mouthing' do you mean licking each others pussies? Was the party the start of a lot of lesbian experimentation between the five girls? Did you have sleepovers during high school with one on one lesbian sex?

Did any of the five become long term couples?

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