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Walking Buddy

A lot of our lives have changed since the virus hit us all last year. My life went through a particular transformation which I will now share.

Last spring I started working from my apartment after our company transitioned a lot of us to zoom calls and doing our business from home instead of the office .I live in a large 2 bedroom apartment in a hi rise building in the east end of the city near some very walkable parks .I began a routine where I would get up early grab a take out coffee at a local coffee joint then go for a long walk through the nearest park before settling back home for the work day .I enjoyed the fresh air and exercise. I was a single fortyish male divorced with no kids and was not currently dating a woman.

As the spring progressed I noticed this older gent around 20 years my senior was also grabbing a coffee regularly at a similar time .I would see him on the park trails and say hi to him and he would smile and respond in a friendly fashion back .He was around my height though of slimmer build with silver hair and glasses and walked at a similar pace. For some reason I began looking forward to seeing him. One morning he must have sensed this and approached me asking if he could walk with me. I said sure and we walked together for over an hour and had a great conversation. He was retired so had more time on his hands than I did .We agreed to start walking together daily as we enjoyed the company .We got to know each other better and better and I noticed we were getting more animated with one another in our chats .It did not dawn on me there was a growing attraction between us until one weekend morning he asked me back to his apartment to continue chatting. He lived in a neighboring hi rise and had a nicely furnished place.

I was very at ease with him and as I sat on his couch he poured us each a shot of brandy. After a couple shots of the liquor I felt a very warm glow from the brandy and the walk .I looked at his face more closely for the first time and felt the first stirrings of real sexual attraction .I was surprised as I had not really had any gay feelings towards men in my life before but this was insistent .His eyes met mine intensely and he smiled .He moved close beside me and I felt my heart begin to pound .I was scared but wanted more to happen .His head moved close to mine and he kissed my mouth softly. His kiss had the effect of exciting me further and making my cock stir in my pants. I kissed him back and felt myself let go into the kiss .Our tongues and lips explored the other's mouth and the kissing became more and more passionate. He got up and led me to the bedroom and I went willingly .We took our clothes off and both our cut cocks were hard and ready. He told me he was gay and knew what to do and asked me to just lay back and enjoy this first time .I did what he asked and soon his head was bobbing eagerly on my cock as he gave me a wonderful deep throated blowjob probably deeper and more intense than any a woman had ever given me .He soon took my gushing load and gulped down my seed without hesitation .My orgasm had fully satisfied me and I lay back somewhat blissfully. He lit us a cigarette which we shared as we talked quietly together. He asked me if I regretted what happened in any way and I said no I wanted it .He smiled and said he would like this to be a regular thing and I nodded me too. This first time broke the ice sexually and after this I ended up in his bed every weekend and usually once or twice during the week if I was not too tired from work .A few months in I recognized he was now my lover and I wanted to explore it fully .I learned how to suck his cock and please him .I discovered I loved sucking his cock as much as I loved him sucking mine. I savor swallowing his cum as well. Beyond mutual oral I would sometimes fuck him in the ass as he was more of a bottom that way .I have deep orgasms in his ass as well and especially love when he rides me on top .He has got a trim tight little ass that really squeezes my cock when it is inside of him. We still love our walks together and some days we can hardly wait to get to the bedroom after to have sex.



by Anonymous on Mar 6, 2021 at 3:18 AM

Very hot and great story. Man love is so great. I am married and for 10 years had a affair with a older man that lost his wife to cancer. We met much the same way you two met. I worked night wife days so we only had sex on weekends. Me and him weekdays. He took my virgin ass. I found I love being a bottom a lot. My backside craved being filled with his cock and seed. You could say I became his girl. We would kiss and play with each other. I would suck him for a while then get on the bed on my hands and knees near the edge of the bed. He love standing as he fucked me. Because of his age it took him a very long time before he shot his seed in me. He always sucked me after he had his fill of what he called my pussy. I miss him he died 5 years ago at age 78.

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by asharingman on Mar 7, 2021 at 6:21 AM

Older men make beautiful lovers there's no better sex than feeling a man on too of me his hardness deep in me as we kiss passionately damn why did I get married to a woman when I know now I should have been a older gentlemans gurl

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