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Facial For Tamron

I'm unemployed due to COVID so I'm sitting on my couch every morning watching Tamron Hall. This ebony goddess gets me so hot and I'm not racist but I never really found African American women attractive. I now stroke my cock to her every morning. I usually edge myself for the whole hour then at then end I walk up to the TV and blow my load right on her gorgeous face. This morning I barely lasted 20 minutes. I just busted all over her by 10:25 am! So Fucking Sexy!!!



by Anonymous on Apr 8, 2021 at 7:58 AM

It makes it sexier that she is kinda dumb and ditzy. Sometimes I like watching all the w*********h girls on Bar Rescue knowing that they are all tramps. I used to jerk off to Mary Hart from Entertainment Tonight. She always wore heels and hose making me so hard.

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