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Mad At Him And Showed Him

This older man I've been seeing started being so shitty to me. I had little experience when I met him, I'd giving one jock in HS a blowjob and he called me queer and ran off after leaving me with a mouthful of his cum. Then this man who I thought of as a boyfriend. After being together a few months I knew we'd have to have sex, that BJ's weren't enough and I did it. I let him fuck me. I dress as a woman, started hormones when I was old enough, and did anything he wanted. I dress the way he wants, wear sexy lingerie for him, even once on a nude and gay cruise let him fuck me in front of every one. He got terrible, accusing me of getting fucked by someone else , that I did.

I went to a trans friendly club, and in front of anyone watching took off my panties under my mini skirt and had tons of free drinks and lots of dances and guys feeling me up all night. I went into a backroom with one of the guys and I got fucked by him. He had the biggest cock I've ever seen, even in movies. It hurt a bit. He was done and left me bent over a chair with his cum in me, patted me on my ass and said "thanks baby". With that, I didn't even have time to straighten up and another set of hands was feeling around my ass, it was so dark it took a while to see anything but he found me and fucked me. I tried to shake him off, but his arm across the back of my neck told me to just take it. Then there was another, it had to have been an hour before they left me alone. I was fucked 8 times, 8 different cocks. I immediately hated what I'd done, and skulked out of the place, without even stopping in the lew. I went home, my friend was all apologetic, and reached under my dress, felt all the cum and how opened up I was and smacked me with the back of his hand. I told him I'll leave but he grabbed me by my long brown hair and threw me on the bed. He fucked me so hard and so roughly. He was calling me a slut and whore the whole time. He pulled out and made me take his load in my mouth. It was so filthy, he had so much cum from the others all over his shaft. I just cried and took it. He made me jerk my little clit, then made me eat my own cum. he kept wiping his hand on my butt and upper legs to get them coated and made me clean his fingers with my tongue.

Grabbing my hair, it was into the shower, then bent over in the tub he gave me three full enemas. I had to take the dirty sheets off and remake the bed. The next morning expecting to be kicked out, he acted like nothing happened.



by Anonymous on May 30, 2021 at 12:39 AM

that's sad im sorry

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