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Stepdad Update #5

My stepdad is now my own private sex toy.
After i told him i have been recording his little wanking missions in my bedroom once he thinks he is home alone and the fact he practically forced fucked me at the weekend when he thought i was drunk.
I asked him if he could drive me to a friends because it was her birthday party and he knew he had to say yes.
Half way there i said pull over and i want you to lick my pussy,
He found an empty pull in point and I jumped into the back seat and he followed.
I lifted my dress up over my hips and opened my legs and pulled my knickers to the side revealing my freshly waxed pussy,
He started to take out his dick so I asked him what he thought he was doing.
I told him I wanted my pussy licking and nothing else.
He started licking and sucking my clit i held his head by his hair with both my hands just like he did to me last weekend and i was thrusting myself against his mouth and face.
I could feel his face was getting really wet and slippery .
I starting calling him names but he didn’t react.
I had a great orgasm and told him to clean me up with the tissues he keeps in his glove box .
I climbed back in the front seat he stayed in the back and tuck his hard dick out i told him to get driving right away before I phone mum to let her know what a prevert her husband is.
I told him if he needs to cum he can do it while driving so I wouldn’t be late.
He did just that,
He came all over his seat and floor while driving in about 2 minutes.
Once we arrived i said now clean yourself up before you get home and expect a call tomorrow when I need picking up.
I shut his car door and walked away.
I love my new found power over him,it’s given me so much confidence.
Im going to enjoy my power.
Hayley x



by Anonymous on Jun 11, 2021 at 1:33 PM

What will you do when your mom smells and tastes your pussy on her husband?

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