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CNC Fuck That

I told my husband I wanted to do CNC with someone else as we've have done it but I still feel safe even though he does go all out.

He set it up with a friend that lives over seas but was visiting for work. I like the whole capture roleplay and not just being banged like a toy. So i didn't know what he looked like,was slightly worried I would not find him attractive but my husband said it didn't matter for what I wanted. And he was not going to be around for it so I wouldn't get the safe feeling.

When it happened I panicked as I could tell it was not just one person the way I got grabbed and I said there was only meant to be one. But I was hit hard in the head and put into a van and had my clothes pulled off me. And got my hands cuffed and let's tied apart And was gagged. And a guy kneeled on me and put his cock in my pussy and fucked me, it hurt but didn't last long. The van stopped and the guy left me there alone and the van moved again and I couldn't do anything and it freaked me out.

When it stopped a guy climbed in back and tried to fuck my ass but couldn't get it in so got lube and fingered me before he tried again and eventually got it in and said he was going to take gag out. Soon as he did I swore like hell at him and said who the fuck was he and the other guy... By time he finished I was in tears and asked to stop it. I heard what I hoped was the first guy climb in and not someone else. And he put a plate with lines of cocaine Infront of me and I said help me and took3 of them and got my pussy rammed but I came. I asked to be untied cause it was hurting. Someone said hurting where and fucked my ass which now that it was lubed didn't hurt as much as first time but still hurt but again I ended up having an orgasm.

They said my husband would be over to get me and that my ass was bleeding. When I was alone I actually felt good in a fucked up way, but it was painful. And at A&E having to explain the anal tear was humiliating.



by Anonymous on Jun 10, 2021 at 2:08 PM

Personally I love that the second time you came from it. Your husband must really love you to let men hit you and hurt you like that.

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by Anonymous on Jun 10, 2021 at 6:35 PM

You need to live your self more.

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by Anonymous on Jun 10, 2021 at 7:32 PM

I have to admit I also love CNC. I like it best without safe words but most men won't participate without confirming that I'm willing and what my safe words are. I also love that they didn't try to force oral as that always ruins it for me. I'm sorry but during CNC I BITE. So putting anything sensitive near my mouth wrecks it for me. Unlike the OP I always exclude anal. I'm sorry but I don't like getting anal so most but stuff is off limits or not what I asked for. I like normal CNC sex. What does it take to get an Alpha that just ravishes the ones he wants?

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by Anonymous on Jun 11, 2021 at 1:07 AM

I do CNC with my bf, but never others. I do love DP and three on one sex but slays with very strict rules. Men get too rough if you give them any leeway

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by Anonymous on Jun 11, 2021 at 3:18 AM

Your husband sounds like he wanted to remove the safety feeling from the experience for you with adding the other guy as you said when it's just him and you there is basic feeling of safety.

The second guy could have been your husband possibly? As other comments state for men it needs a mind state of being able to ok physically doing it. I've seen guys bail out soon as a woman comes across as it's not wanted.

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