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Watching Him Masturbate

During the whole of lockdown, I watched one of my neighbours masturbating every single day.
Most days he'd wank twice. And after a couple of weeks watching him and touching myself, I began playing with my pussy and arsehole for real, letting him see me naked and so aroused.
His name is Dan, he's forty three and has a huge cock. Far bigger than my boyfriends.
It got so we'd time it when we were alone, and able to have voyeuristic sex together.
He'd watch me intently as I fingered my pussy and arse, used items to fuck myself with and massage my clit until I came multiple times.
Dan would stroke that gorgeous cock of his and gesture that he wanted to fuck me.
Well after lockdown, the married neighbour I now adore, fucks me every day.
His wife works at a health clinic, he works from home. So I visit every day and have him fuck me with that beautiful large cock that I used to witness from fifty feet away, from my bedroom window.
I'm not a girl who turns heads, but I do keep in shape. And with a teenage pussy and arsehole that now loves older mens cock, Dan's taught me how to become a dirty bitch for him. And I love it



by Anonymous on Jun 11, 2021 at 1:05 AM

My bf was asleep in the bedroom, we were right outside, we could hear my bf snoring. But my neighbor and I still fucked.

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by InSayShabell on Jun 11, 2021 at 5:13 AM

Have you let him fuck your arse? How big is he?

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