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Graduated To Being His Wife And Mother Figure

Starting when I was 17, during the summer between my junior and senior years of high school, I began a sexual relationship with a man. A man, not a boy, or a college kid, a man. During that summer it was all sex. Nice sex, this man sees women as either a daughter figure, a wife and mother figure. I filled his daughter needs.

He helped me attend college, bought me a car, sent me to Europe for a semester. I don't think it ever crossed his mind that I would have sex with any one else. All through college, including my semester abroad I bit my lip and kept myself for him. The longer it went the harder it was for me to understand his obsession about being the only one to have sex with me. I was horny, he is a grown man, sex is nighttime cuddling, with sex as the goodnight kiss.

I took a job with a large E&C company as a Treasury Specialist. I was going crazy, I was having sex once, maybe twice a month. Every time he pulled me in for sex I wanted it pretty bad. I could go twice, but he wanted to talk, love me, talk about the future. And all this led to being alone with a guy I met at work and getting to the point of penetration. When his penis bumped up against my vagina, I froze, screamed, pushed him off. Right then I felt, understood that I belonged to him, exclusively.

I was the young girlfriend, he was a grown man, and my outlet had to be masturbation, not sex with another man. Ina discussion with a female coworker she told me I was a wife, when I was still in high school his girlfriend, but now I was his wife. Learn to get my kicks by cooking, being his warm body wife at night. But I didn't live with him. And that was where I needed to adjust my expectations.

A wife lives with her husband, wakes up beside him every night, cooks for him. If I belonged to him, like I felt I did, then I needed to move in and get married. Me, twenty five, he forty seven, time to be a grown up. So I moved in. we got married, and when he has sex with me I feel I belong to him. When I prepare breakfast I feel I belong to him. When I sign my married name I feel I belong to him. When I twirl my wedding band I feel I belong to him. As his wife and one day mother figure.



by Anonymous on Jun 11, 2021 at 1:02 AM

Being a wife mother is the best thing I ever did. But wife always comes first, HE always comes first. My first husband was 23 years older than me, much like yours. It’s wonderful. Embrace it.

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by Anonymous on Jun 11, 2021 at 1:28 AM

Your financial worries are over.You can always look forward to his funeral and inherit his property.
Later, have a younger husband, get over the inhibition due to loyalty and enjoy.

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