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Took Revenge On Boyfriend With Cousin

I’m in a happy relationship with my girlfriend for almost 5 years. We have a great love life and sex life. There’s a part of us where always wanna be dirtier. We started off by talking dirty about other guys. She wasn’t really into it first but as times goes her interest was kept increasing. We usually talk about threesomes and about other guys usually. She’s a tall petite chick with a great fucking ass.

Few years back I cheated on my girlfriend and we kept having arguments about it. Around this time she went for a long holiday to her cousin’s house. What I’m gonna tell is what she confessed to me starting of this year. She was mad at me for cheating on her. There’s one of her cousin who kept making moves on her. She somehow refused but on a night when she was walking back from washroom her cousin was drunk and pulled her to a side. He asked her “why you don’t want to give me this ?” while grabbing her pussy. Surprisingly she didn’t went away or took his hands from her pussy as she was dripping inside her panties. He carried her and made her to sit on a table. He was kissing her neck while rubbing her pussy through her shorts. She moaned softly in his ears which made him to take out his dick from his shorts. As his rubbings got harder my girlfriend’s hand automatically started to give a handjob for him. As soon as he cum out she ran back to sleep.

She just wasn’t enough with what had happened the last night. The next day she went to his room to check on him and caught him watching porn. She was nervous but started a conversation with him. Her cousin just didn’t wanted to waste any time so he closed the door and started to kiss her. This is the first time she’s kissing someone when we’re in a relationship. As the kiss went harder she didn’t even realised that her dress straps are fell down. He managed to take her nipples in his mouth and satisfied her. My girlfriend this time she took out her cousin’s dick by herself and was stroking it. Also after a while she gave him the permission to get inside her shorts. They managed to masturbate for each other till my girl gets her orgasms. All of sudden he made her to kneel and slapped his dick on her. He wanted her to blow but she refused. Instead of blowing she managed to stroke him till cum out.

This was happening for almost a week till she comes back and she confessed it to me because she don’t want to live in the guilty feeling. The reason she told me was she wanted to take revenge on me for cheating on her. This is the first time I’m confessing here. I’m really interested on you people’s opinion about this.



by Another_55er on Jul 19, 2021 at 10:56 AM

I think her cousin fucked her.

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