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I’m a builder and have been working around my son’s house.
My daughter in law is a pretty 23 year old,slightly chubby , big perfect boobs, round tight ass and dark brown hair.
Her name is Hayley.
I’ve always enjoyed perving on Hayley especially when we all go on family holidays.
Seeing her wearing a tiny bikini always gets me going.
Working around her house has given me 6 uninterrupted hours a day to find her worn underwear and her sex toys and wank freely while sniffing her freshly worn underwear she has slept in.
My son has already left before I get there and Hayley leaves about 20 minutes after I get started.
As soon as she leaves I’m in her on suite searching for her worn night underwear.
They are always still damp and the smell drives me wild.
She smells so good.
Her dildo collection is not for the faint hearted.
She must like the bigger ones in her collection because they are showing more signs of wear and are always the ones at the top that get moved.
I’m so obsessed with her I’ve cum on her toys her toothbrush and even cum in her hair conditioner and body wash.
Knowing she has washed her naked body in my cum and even had it in her mouth sends me rock hard solid in seconds.
I love wiping her damp messy knickers all over my hard dick.
I know i have to drag this job out for as long as i can because I don’t know how I’m going to cope with out my daily fix.



by Anonymous on Jul 20, 2021 at 6:05 AM

What panties does she wear. How does she smell do you envy your son for having such a hot wife

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