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Addicted To Strangers

I’m a good looking, intelligent, respected person first of all. Second of all, I secretly want cock and to be fucked so bad, so often, I’ve finally begun to hook up with random strangers on dl and I can’t stop. I usually have them meet me somewhere outside discreet in the dark and have them dominate me and treat me like a slut fucking every hole I have until they cum. The first guy I met on the side of the road, he was older. pulled up behind me on a dark road, got out and tried to small talk for a minute. I didn’t say anything just bent over my hood and pulled my sundress up, he fucked me hard, put me on the ground and slammed it for a minute until he came. Then I jumped in the car and left. I had a body high and lasting orgasm like I’ve never had so I decided to do it again.

Few months later I found another older guy, he met me on the side of a dark drive by a river. I was insanely horny and sucked his dick intensely, he came and I didn’t even know it, had nothing when I bent over so all I got out of that was sucking dick, which I love too.

This last one though.. guy at a hotel working out of town had the biggest cock I ever took, I told him I wanted it nasty and rough put his dick in my mouth as soon as I got there. He did, face fucked me, shoved it down my throat then fucked me harder than I’ve ever been fucked. I laid there and let him do what he wanted, he slowly put his dick in my ass and let me back into it, once it started feeling good he SLAMMED my ass, held my head down and talked the nastiest shit, then pulled the condom off for me to suck the cum out of his dick, his legs actually shook while I did it lol. I went back for more two days later and I plan on going again for an all night fuck fest. Thinking about telling him to find a friend too.

Outside of this I’m totally normal and NOONE knows. I plan to take a trip to NYC next month to get fucked in one of the clubs.



by Sextravert on Jul 20, 2021 at 1:21 PM

Better check the status of the clubs before you go. Just finishing up a month long road trip and a lot of stuff is still closed or didn't survive the pandemic.

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