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Gym Babe

My final year of college I started going to this gym off campus.

One day I caught this cute young girl checking me out, I’ll call her S. I started noticing when every couple of days we would be doing similar workouts.

Well it wasn’t long before I got bold and decided to approach her and ask for her number. She was really fucking gorgeous and I found out she was actually still in HS. Looked like a young Kim, also short, with an amazing body and nice set of tits. Her skin was also soft and silky. We would horseplay a lot in the gym and I noticed we became really touchy with each other.

One night I decided to ask her out but she mentioned she lived at home and her parents wouldn’t let her unless she snuck out. I told her that wouldn’t be a problem we would just have to watch the time and drop her off before they woke up. Well she also mentioned a friend of hers was over so we would need to bring her along. I thought it was an excuse but it turned out to be true so I agreed and I went to pick them up.

Now this girl and her friend were very clumsy and cute and decided to bring some alcohol, they were already tipsy. I personally didn’t know where I would take them but eventually we all agreed we wanted to go to the beach an hour away.

When we got to the beach it was pitch dark and secluded . I guess because it was a weekday. Well we ended up horse playing around and eventually this girls friend comes up to my ear and whispers “you know she wants you to fuck her so bad”. I was caught off guard and I guess it made her a little jealous because she saw her and replied “hey what are you telling him”.

Now I was horny and noticed they were getting a little loud so I asked them both “how about we go back to my car?”. We all agreed and on the way I carried S on my back. I opened the door for her and watched her crawl in bent over and I couldn’t resist so I slapped her ass. She turned around with a smirk and said “hey…do it again”. Her friend noticed and mentioned we should just fuck already. To which I replied okay but you keep a look out. I got in we locked the doors and immediately I started making out with S in missionary. It was fucking sexy I was so turned on and I felt like I was the luckiest man in the world with two hot girls in my car.

After a good make out session and undressing I got S on all fours in the backseats which was really uncomfortable for me and started giving her raw back shots. Thankfully she was short so it was really just me who had to figure out how to thrust my cock in her while not hitting the roof of the car. Her friend kept watch the whole time and even watched us as I started to make S pussy super wet and creamy. I remember I even looked at her and gave her a smirk as I bounced Ss ass on my cock for a good minute. Ss moans were so hot and both of us were steaming up the car so bad we had to lower the windows. But that didn’t stop me from continuing to talk dirty to her and fuck her rough. At one point the car was swaying too much so Ss friend told us to slow down. I’m pretty sure she was touching herself the whole time. I remember our last orgasm I was pulling Ss hair and I leaned over and grabbed her friends hair with my left hand and made out with her as I slowly filled Ss wet pussy stroking the deepest I could. We pretty much wrapped up after that as it was getting close to early morning times and I didn’t want their parents waking up to them not home.

It was a crazy night, definitely my best college hookup.


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