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Making A Decision

Three months ago, my wife who's whole idea this was, and myself, indulged in watching each other have gay sex.
After a whole lot of badgering and pleading from her, I finally gave in to her suggestion that we BOTH at least once in our lives experience gay sex.
Her suggestion was really based around her wanting to see my 'cute arse' being fucked.
The only way I'd agree, would be to watch her having sex with another female, so she reluctantly said yes.
She had sex with an older woman who we contacted through a website, and we travelled to her home.
I sat masturbating as I watched them make out. My wife did get into eventually, but I could tell she wasn't really comfortable.
The night came when my wife got to watch me with another guy. Again an older person, but someone who I instantly felt comfortable with.
He's forty six, divorced and most definitely into dominating guys like me.
Getting naked in our lounge was so relaxed as he had me remove his boxers. Looking at his much larger cock, I instinctively opened my mouth and let him slide it over my tongue.
Before I knew it I was giving him, he said, the most wonderful of blow jobs. I was even able after a few attempts to do so, deep throat his eight inch meaty cock.
We moved from our sofa where he'd been sat, up to our bedroom and my wife followed.
There we got into a sixty nine, but he concentrated on licking and tonguing my arsehole. And it was then I heard my saying "Yeh, I can't wait to see you being fucked".
She was sat in a chair playing with her pussy, but neither of us was interested with her at that point.
When it did come to Andy easing his cock into my arsehole, he'd put a condom on and coated my arsehole with lube, I'd bought.
That initial feeling of pain I was expecting was there, but no where near what I'd read up about.
There was discomfort, however it soon changed to the most amazing and beautiful feeling of immense pleasure, as Andy really began to fuck me.
It was then I heard my wife orgasm.
No more than a minute after that, she got up and left us to walk back downstairs to our lounge.
Andy fucked me initially doggy, then had me mount his gorgeous cock, fucking him as he stroked my dick.
But the best and my favourite position, was Andy fucking me for a long time in the missionary position.
It was far more intimate, and although it may sound strange, I found kissing him as passionately as we did, more revealing in a gay sense, than his cock plowing my arsehole.
We kissed pretty much throughout us fucking missionary, and I found myself gripping his arse cheeks and pulling the older far more experienced man into my body.
It was so good of a fuck and so intense, when I came in between us, it was if my whole body was orgasming.
Every nerve ending was firing and I just knew I'd want more.
Moving off me, Andy positioned us so he was spooning me, and he absolutely hammered into my arse whilst kissing my neck.
Cumming up my fuck hole that way, he held me tight and I loved the feeling of being taken.
So much so, when he removed the condom and had me lick and suck on his cum coated cock, I devoured it.
We stayed in the bedroom another half hour kissing and talking, and it was then after he asked, I made my decision to see him again.
My wife seemed a little sullen when we went downstairs, but she didn't say much. Only when Andy had gone did she complain about me liking it too much.
And her final comment was "No more, that's it".
Her kink, her fantasy had been fulfilled, and then some. And she didn't like it.
The fact is, I loved every second of having sex with Andy.
We now meet up at his place, but also outdoors which I now know is a huge turn on for him. We've fucked in lots of different places since we began having sex. And after tests, we now fuck bareback.
Feeling his cum spurt up my arse, or down my throat is just awesome. And I don't intend to stop anytime soon.
Only a few days ago, he asked me if I'd like to move in with him. I'm now seriously thinking of leaving my wife and living with Andy as a gay man.



by Anonymous on Sep 16, 2021 at 12:15 PM

If she had no initial desire to be with another women, why did she want to see you do this so much? Why did she loose interest and leave after masturbating? Seems she had no interest in being with a girl, and lost interest in seeing you with a man. She probably had a suspicion that you were a closet gay man. Your response to the experiment may have given her the answer she feared.
The question is, is she correct?

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