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Unlikely, Improbable, But True

As the title says, unlikely, improbable, but true. My mother was a waitress in Victoria, Texas when an oil field hand knocked her up on a one night stand. He was married and disappeared from her life. She was 19, I am here as proof. She embarrassed her family and moved to the Houston area and with a two month old baby ended up in a room at a shelter. The woman working there took her in. This woman was a lesbian, divorced from a man, living on a share of his military pension. Poor is saying a lot.

Growing up I had my mother and Grace, they loved me well enough. Grace inherited a run down house from an aunt, that's the house where I grew up. Like all kids who grow up poor, we lived around other poor kids and we weren't unhappy. I started working at 14, Grace kept the boys away from me. If my mother complained she was reminded of how I came about. Socially it was mostly Grace's friends, some of which were strange to say the least. I won't say I wasn't hit on by a chick.

I managed college, part time, working, six years. Grace's friend got me an office job with benefits. Big deal for the social circle I lived in. The owner took a shine to me, I never asked why, and pushed and shoved his way into my life, and pants. Not being experienced, although I was knowledgeable but lazy, and not being sexually active I got pregnant. Telling my mother and Grace was the hardest thing I ever had to do.

Unlike my bio dad, this old man married me and made sure my baby and I had a safe and nice place to live. He redid Grace's house, from landscaping to remodeling, he really fixed it up. Grace got central air, indoor washer dryer, three bedrooms, and a second bathroom. A carport and a nice car. My husband put my mother and Grace in tall cotton. I went on and had another one, two boys for me.

Unlikely, yes. Improbable, no question. But true.


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