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Old Man Moneys

I worked as a language therapist and individual with people. I am currently working with an 40 year old adult male. I am paid by the company i represent and enjoy my work. This individuals chatted me up the one day after our session and i started visiting his father. After a while it was clear that his father liked certain things about sex as we always got into those types of conversations. One day while visiting the clients father we had a few drinks and full on admitted that he would pay me to let him jerkoff and cum on me and more specifically cum on my ass. He continued saying I'm an ass man all the way the look and feel just gets me going. Know i know he had money to spend so just kinda going with the flow i asked jokingly kinda oh yeah how much to do that and with no hesitation just $300 easy. So with all that beings said we finished are drinks and i left. A couple weeks go by and i am still thinking about all this. Should i do it? do i take the chance and risk my job if his son found out. One day after my lesson with his son i approached the father and mentioned "hey remember our conversation about jerking it on my ass" and he replied of course i wasn't kidding. So you will pay me $300 to jerkoff and let you cum on my ass and he said yes but bend over with your ass out. I looked at him for a couple seconds and said ok, you wanna do it now? he smiled and said really? like your serious?? oh my good ok ok hold on i will get cash. So he went to the corner store took out the money gave it to me and i proceeded to take my pants off bend over couch. He was super excited. When he removed his pants and underwear i caught a quick look at his dick and a lot of grey hair my the size was fucking large. Anyways he gets naked in front of me goes around back and starts jerking it. Can i touch it he ask's i said sure but not only is touching it softly and firm he is smacking his dick on my ass too lol. So he lets me know he's going to cum so i though awe what the hell so i grab my cheeks and spread them she he can see and cum right on my asshole. the next thing i hear is "holy fuck yes" and i can just feel all the hot cum on my asshole and ass cheeks. it felt really nice and warm i actually liked the experience more then i thought i would. I said oh my god thank thank you that was amazing. So i pulled my pants back up didn't even clean up just left. showered when i got home masturbated and fell right asleep. Now this started in 2018 and we are currently still doing this. I help his son once a week but i see the father 3 times a week and he pay the $300 ever time. lately i have let him put the tip of his dick inside my asshole and cum just for easier cleanup. No complaints from anyone yet!!



by Anonymous on Sep 16, 2021 at 6:55 AM

I love cumming on a nice spread open ass... Really love cumming on her legs while I have my face buried in her ass tho.

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by Anonymous on Sep 16, 2021 at 9:41 AM

So you take $900 a week from the old guy? Damn! Your ass must be something special! Find it hard to believe.

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