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Sex With Trans Guy!

I'm newly single and decided to using Tinder and some other dating apps. A few months ago I struck a really awesome conversation with this trans guy (I knew it from the beginning, he had it in his profile). I have never been with a trans man or woman before, so it was definitely knew to me and I wasn't sure how to feel about it at first. So as our conversations progressed and we talked about hanging out, I watched a few porn videos to just see what it was all about and what I may experience. I was not disappointed in the videos at least!

The first few times we hung out we didn't hook up, which was fine. But on the third or fourth date (I can't remember exactly) he initiated sex. I told him I had never been with a trans person before and wanted to make sure I was making him comfortable and what not. He told me that nothing (on his body) was off limits. The first time we had sex he gave me some amazing head and even let me cum in his mouth. Afterwards, he let me return the favor. As I pulled down his boxers it was so weird seeing the happy trail leading to a freshly shaved pussy. It was not weird in a bad way though, just new to me. I asked him what I could refer to it as, since I didn't want to offend, and he just said he called it his pussy, he wasn't offended by that.

So after eating his boy pussy, we made out some more and we ended up fucking in a few different positions. He even let me try anal, which he seemed to really enjoy and felt great for me too.

Since that night we've had sex together two other times and it's been quite the experience! It's kind of like the best of both worlds - getting to fuck a guy with a pussy. But at the same time, I am worried about the societal pressure or expectation set on me specifically. Since I was born a man, and am bisexual at that, it seems life people might try to invalidate my experience or say that I'm weird for having sex with a transgender person. Even though it was a wonderful experience and I really enjoy his company!



by Anonymous on Sep 16, 2021 at 9:52 PM

that's very hot tbh. I'm a gay man and I've kinda been interested in fucking a trans man lately. how did it feel? what was it like fucking an ftm pussy?
also don't worry about what other people say. as long as you're both enjoying yourselves and respecting each other no one should have a day in your relationship

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