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Broke A Rule That Could Get Me Fired.

I work as a massage therapist for a popular chain. I've only been working here for about 3 months since they have re-opened. I was never tempted in any way to do anything, despite having some beautiful women come through.

There is one woman a few years younger than me who has a monthly appointment and had personally requested me the past 2 times. Our first appointment she was randomly assigned to me. She Is a gorgeous brunette that definately tans and runs alot. I could tell she was a runner during her first massage due to the tightness of her bfm. Our first 2 appointments were deep tissue and working out tightness and soreness from her workouts.

She requested that this past session be a Swedish massage, a much more relaxing massage with less focus on working out muscles. She undressed fully, we cover our clients with towels but naturally I've gotten brief glimpses of her when working on areas near her labia. When working her inner thigh she asked me to work out some soreness a little higher. I was starting to get closer to her labia than I had been with any other client and she asked "can you massage higher?" At this point I knew she was asking for a Yoni massage. These are very strictly forbidden and I was worried that it was some type of entrapment. If it was not someone I had massaged a few times prior there is no chance I would have done it. But... she is so hott, and I started to rub my oiled hand up and down slowly spreading her labia and rubbing her clitorius. She gave muffled and gentle moans and I could feel her producing vaginally translate.

My fingers started to slip in deeper and I was full blown fingering her. The rest on the session from this point, 38 minutes, was just her getting fingered. She wanted to turn over at one point and then I continued to figure her once she got face up. When the session was over she said "I think you got me atleast 5 times. I owe you now."

I am equal parts excited and nervous for her session next month.



by Anonymous on Sep 16, 2021 at 9:37 PM

Suggest you see her away from work if possible. Clearly you want each other, but is it worth losing your job for?

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