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Friend's House

I remember when I was first involved in something publicly that was sexual.

I went over to my friend's house and his sister was there along with 2 of her girlfriends. I was 14 at the time, my friend was a year younger than me and his sister was 16 and I assume her friends were the same age too. The parents were out so the 5 of us were just hanging out listening to music. The girls began to dance to the music. It was one of the girls that suggested they do a strip dance for us boys. My friend's sister said there was no way she was getting naked for anyone. The girl said they would just strip to their bra and panties not naked. The sister said she wasn't taking any clothes off at all but the other girl agreed to do it.

The first girl gets up and dances alone while the music was playing and takes off her shirt. Next she takes off her pants along with her socks. She is just in her bra and panties now. She danced a little more before she sat down and the next girl started her dance. She removed her clothes like the first girl and now there were 2 girls in just bra and panties and I was enjoying this. The 2 girls tried to get the sister to do it but she was refusing every time they asked her too.

The girls suggested us boys should do a dance for them. My friend said he didn't know if he should and his sister said he wasn't going to. I thought about it and decided I wear a bathing suit that is the same size as my underwear and agreed to as I didn't see I would be exposing much more than I did while swimming. The sister said she couldn't believe I was going too and neither did my friend.

I began to dance and took off my shirt followed by my pants and socks. I was dancing in only my underwear now and the sister was the most vocal about. She couldn't believe I actually did it. The girls tried to get my friend to do it and his sister said he wasn't going too. I think my friend didn't like his sister telling him what to do so he decided he was going to do it. He got up, danced and ended up in only his underwear like me. The sister couldn't believed he actually did it. The girls tried to get her to get up and dance but once again she made it quite clear she was not going to.

The first girl got up and danced again. This time she surprised us by taking her bra off. I was seeing her tits and I liked it. I had only seen pictures before this and now I was seeing them right in front of me. The sister shouted, "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU ARE SHOWING US YOUR TITS!!!". The next girl gets up and she danced for a bit before she took off her bra too. The sister was shouting things in disbelief and her friends tried to get her to at least take her shirt off but once again she refused. I was really liking seeing what I was seeing and was told it was my turn to dance again.

I got up and danced and decided to flash my ass to the girls. My friend couldn't believe I did that and his sister shouted, " YOUR ASS, I JUST SAW YOUR ASS!!!" . It was my friends turn to dance and he got up and danced. The girls shouted at him to show ass but he said there was no way. When he was done he said it was his last dance and just sat down and began to get dressed.

It was the girls turn to dance again. The first one got up and played with her tits and flashed her ass to us. My friend and his sister were just watching and didn't say anything. The next girl got up again and pretty well did the same as the first and flashed her ass too.

It was my turn again. I got up and flashed my ass a few a times. Then I made my next move. My friend shouts, " YOU ARE NAKED!!!". His sister shouts, " YOUR PENIS, I CAN SEE YOUR PENIS!!! I had taken off my underwear and was naked. The girls were loving it and cheering me on. I was stroking my penis as I danced and was getting hard which is what I intended to do. The sister is now shouting, " YOUR PENIS , IT'S GETTING HARD, I CAN'T BELIEVE I AM SEEING YOUR PENIS AND IT'S HARD". She seemed to be over reacting compared to the girls who were just say "NICE" and "WAY TO GO" .

The first girl got up again and began to dance. She played with her tits and flashed her ass again and I was hoping her panties would come off but they didn't. The next girl got up doing the same thing and her panties stayed on too. It was my turn again. I stroked my penis and it started to get a little hard again and we heard a sound. It was the parents pulling into the driveway. We all quickly get dressed before they came into the house.

They came in and asked what we were doing and the sister said we were just listening to music. It was close to dinner time now and the parents said they were taking my friend and his sister out for dinner. Me and the 2 girls left. One girl said we could go to her house if we wanted and the 3 of us did.

We go to her house and no one was home. The 3 of us went up to her room and she asked if she could see me hard again. I got undressed and she told me to lay on her bed. I was on my back and one girl on each side of me on their sides as they watched me as I stroked myself. I remember feeling a little weird now compared to earlier as I was naked and they were fully clothed. They asked how hard I get and I told them they would see. I stroked and got pretty hard and took my hand away so they could see and told them I can get harder. I began stroking more but probably stroked one too many times because I felt myself about to do something that I could not hold back on. I tried to stop but I began cumming. There I was being watched by 2 girls cumming all over myself. The girls were completely surprised and loving what they were seeing. I never intended to have this happen but it did. This was a day of firsts for me. I saw girls tits, girls bare asses, took all my clothes off in front of a group and even stroked my penis and now had unexpectedly cum in front of a couple of girls.



by HoneyNips on Sep 17, 2021 at 9:11 AM

Should’ve told them, “there’s your dinner! Lap it up!” I would’ve! (Lapped it up I mean,lol!)

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