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CNC Fantasy Explored

My wife and I have wanted to play out a non-consensual consensual fantasy for a bit. We finally were able to do it, and had so much fun.

It's something we've talked about wanting but never planned, but it just kinda happened and we both went with it. I was in bed with my wife and I just slid my hand down her panties, she let me get her pussy nice and wet then pushed my hand away and said "no you can't do that" and she started to kiss me, while telling me I couldn't have her. I opened her legs back up, and pushed two fingers inside her, and said "I can do whatever I want." She moaned and and replied "my husband will be so upset, you can't do this." This really turned me on. I told her I didn't care what her husband thought, and I flipped her on her belly, I held her arms down, and mounted her. I plunged my cock into her wet pussy and I started fucking her roughly she kept telling me no, and to stop she did this while pushing her pussy into me, giving me super mixed signals. Then she said loudly "no, no stop, dont cum inside me please!! My husband will be so upset!" I came so hard and filled her pussy up. I pulled my penis out of her, and she flipped over. She smiled at me and said, "Im so ashamed I couldn't stop him, and he came inside me, you'll never want me again." She was pretending to look sad. I told her everything was alright, and that I loved her. "Let me show you." I said. I opened up her legs, and I started to kiss her fucked pussy. Most of my cum had dripped out, but I could smell it in her pussy, I was so turned on. I pretended it was another man's cum in her, and I started licking and kissing softly. She was cooing and moaning. I told her she was still mine and always would be. I licked her soft pink pussy till she came. She kept telling me that it was still my pussy, and that she belonged to me.



by Anonymous on Dec 6, 2021 at 5:09 PM

Nice story. I have a FWB who wanted a role fantasy like that but we never had a chance. I had a couple I played with and I would fantasize while I was fucking her in front of him that they didnt want me to take her and cum inside her. Always drove me to flood her pussy.

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by Anonymous on Dec 8, 2021 at 11:26 AM

Spicing it up. Great

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