I Get No Pussy Now (HELP)

I never would believe thos would happen to me. I wasnt the best looking male nor the ugliest. I always had a main girl and afew side babes. I was cute 8of10 scale. So my last long relationship ended and im older not as handsome as age changed my look into a old tired dark eyes and just not so proud or confident as i was.
I founf a pic 2002 or around that time and I was like yeah thats the face I had I was proud of and pulled girls, not all the time but always did eventually.
Now I dont at all. I see all these women and they all look scared or know Im a perve and hurry along past me. I see fat ugly even homeless dudes with a woman.
What happened to me?!!
Im alone getting older fast and it hurts.
2022 just makes me even more hopeless. Somehow with all my blessings I wound up alone. My last girlfriend stole the years I could hv possibley settled down with the right girl but I invested everything on her to find she was poison. It left me older and out of touch or out dated.
The other problem is women my age are taken hv made families. I want an attractive girl but then i hv to go younger than me and then we have nothing in common.
I think i just want a younger attractive girl I can fuk and spend time with. Her problem would be she just wants to be with a man that wont screw her over even tho she knows she could get way better looking than me. Shes tired of being played and hurt. I look but pretty much have lost hope.
900 days without sex



by Anonymous on Jan 14, 2022 at 6:20 PM

Confidence is half the battle and it sounds like youve already lost. Join adultfriendfinder, even though its rejection central you might use it to start to get your mojo back. Join a gym, hit the coffee shops, etc.

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