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I'm A Homosexual

I'm married. Masturbate myself nightly. I get out of bed silently without disturbing her. I head for the computer room. I sit down. I turn on the computer. I pull down my panty bottoms. Sitting down I lube my hard clit as my wife referrers to it as, and masturbate to porn. Not of women, but to nice nude alpha men pictures. I really get turned on to think that i want another man on me again fucking my pussy. But I started having these feeling after my wife fucked another man for five months. I was away at a service school. She initiated it she said. She thought I was having fun at school. I wasn't. Going out and finding a man so she could spread her legs open for him to fuck her was her way of getting back at me for having so called "FUN" at school. What a c**t. Pretty sick I think. But I forgave her, I should've divorced her. I'd be BETTER OFF today without the bitch.thherat haven't has sex in fifteen years. She says she's dry and will tear. OK. I'm so little that I can't see how I could tear her. . She gives me compliments...left handed compliments that is. She tells me that we're really not married but roommates. She's nice to me when others are around but returns to being a c**t when we're alone. She told me that I was a re-bound and she has never loved me. I guess she loves the guy who got her pregnant at 16 and was talked into and aborted her child. She thinks she's found her voice. If that's so, then what little common sense she once had has flew the coop. I don't know how many times would get drunk call me filthy names which only turned me on. She'd pass out drunk naked on the floor while crawling to her bed. I'd butt fuck her. Then i would suck my cum out of her dank filthy dirty delicious ass hole. She told me that I was a homosexual cause she found pictures of me in her camera dressed in panties and bra. I was deep throating her thirteen inch dildo. She said its OK if you are a homosexual and you have homosexual butt sex with other homosexual men that you let fuck your feminine ass. I like looking at mens cocks. Sometime I'll chat with them. That gets heavy as we have sex. Bedford I know Ilnow it, my precum is dripping in long drips. I luv that taste and texture. I get as much of it that I can. I have a small cup that I collect it in. My tongue sure likes it. But I eventually cum which is warm and delicious. But I can't stand my roommate.



by Anonymous on Jan 21, 2022 at 6:44 AM

Why do you men put up with these behaviors from women! I’m gay as all get go but I’ll be dammed if I allow these types of attitudes from any one, don’t allow gay men to do it and certainly won’t allow women. Scream toxic masculinity all you want, you’re nothing special but a whoree to me when you act like a b!tch and I’ll make sure I treat you like one until you learn how to behave around me. You’re a weak man, get rid of this cuunt!!

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by Anonymous on Feb 15, 2022 at 7:24 PM


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